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  • Guitar/Banjo/Multi player with Voc  wanted  only Pros  no hobby

howdy lookin for some professional Guitar/ Banjo/multi playn Fun and Dime lovin Boy/Girl/Something from 18 to 120 y with Entertaining skills you sing Backgrounds, upgrounds, highgrounds, downgrounds, lowgrounds and lead vocals? then we have a deal. we play at least two shows a week /Hotel, Food and Drinks included we get a show we play a show, theres no....i need to go to my aunties birthday ....playtime is all day the week, nothin for hobby fun guys ! the actual is not bad, honey Country&Western, Bluegrass... Hayseed Dixie, Alabama, J.Denver, J.Cash, D. Parton, Eagles... wasnt we want !!! -- im livin in mommas house but call me the professional guitar god --i do not like this and that, i want sing this song...mememe, no Diva please ---in 20 bands playin guys with no charisma ---i have no idea what Bluegrass is but i can play everythin you want please do not wastin my time get a wiggle on and take your Apple Peeler,come over, we burn daylite

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