Very Useful Bit Of Kit

Does this deserve a review ? It's only a power strip after all.

Well I believe it does,without power our gear doesn't work.Many of us will have rigs

that look like an octopus has made it's home inside and the Power Strip fixes that.

Where I had 6 leads coming out the back of my rig I now have 1 and having a 1U space in the rig using the Adam Hall finished the rack neatly.

Now I live in the UK so why would I buy the Adam Hall with it's EEC sockets?

Easy ! the design made sense,there are similar products in the UK but all the ones I've saw have a lousy design.The On/Off switch is on the same face as the sockets so you end up with a bank of sockets at the back of your rig (if you mount the strip at the back) or you're reaching inside the rack to turn it on or off.

Nonsense !!! The Adam Hall has it on the front where you can see it.EEC leads are easy purchased in the UK and come with all amps etc sold by Thomann so no problems there.

The unit itself is well built and the different types of EEC plug all fit the sockets securely.Despite powering my amp.preamp,rack tuner,wireless unit,IEM and splitter/mixer I've noticed no great build-up of heat.That was a concern I had and one I'm glad to find unnecessary.

For less than 30 euro this is a neat and practical way of powering your gear.