Power (strip) to the people!

Tonights feature: The Curse of the Leads and the Wall-warts.

Although recently there's a tendency of wall-warts becoming considerably smaller, - so now you can actually place two identical ones next to each other! - it is just one problem solved. I was never really comfortable with your everyday household power strip, with the constantly quivering on/off light and white plastic bodies...

Adam Hall is a name that i associate with quality, solid products aimed at professionals but also affordable to the home studio enthusiast (sic). The body is reassuringly heavy, solid and is made of aluminium. You get two metal ears to fit the strip into a rack, which i haven't done yet, but seems like a no brainer to do. (Actually, i'm looking forward to it, since i plan to install all my rack gear into one cabinet. I don't know about everyone else, but i don't like cables and leads trailing everywhere - it would be nice to get some out of the way.) It is now lying on the floor on it's back, which has the on/off switch in a recess, so you wont push it accidentally. Altogether, it is a product i would recommend, for it is dead useful and fear for your gear won't gnaw your insides all the time:)

Lately i've become sort of obsessed with items that are not musical instruments per se, but things that make the workplace tidier, safer and the workflow smoother. For most of the time it's not just the instrument that inspire, but the environment as well.