Nice and clean rack power unit

Clean and tidy looking 1U rack unit power supply.

Switch on the front, sockets on the back. Originally thought that the rack fixings looked a bit flimsy, but once in place it is very sturdy and does not wobble or move at all.

This is a permanent fixture in my rack and the sockets will not be plugged in and out constantly in my situation, but I assume this is how it was intended to be used. I wouldn't personally use this unit if the plugs were going in and out all of the time, especially with the full Euro plug (not just small two pin type).

I combined it with 1U rack tray, so in conjunction with this this power strip and a handfull of cable-ties, all my small annoying power supply blocks (keyboard, effects units, I/O interfaces) can be stored all plugged in out of site in the rack nice and tidy without it looking like a mass of spaghetti.

All in all very happy with the purchase. Only time will tell how long the on/off switch will last, which is the only thing I can see eventually wearing out on this.

Highly recommended.