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Practice Book for Drum Fills

  • From Jost Nickel
  • In clear steps Jost introduces universally applicable rhythmic concepts in various degrees of difficulty
  • Orchestration ideas, phrasing possibilities and dynamic and accentuation exercises
  • Different subdivisions, which are crucial for playing drum fills
  • Fills for straight grooves and fills for shuffle grooves
  • Ideas like Switch & Path Orchestration, Diddle Kick, Clockwise and Counterclockwise play
  • Step-hit hi-hat, hand & foot rolls, cymbal choke, stick-shot and more
  • with MP3-CD, for which Jost Nickel recorded many fills in slow tempo
  • An additional 20 online videos that show all the fills, where it is helpful to see the sequence of movements
  • ISBN: 978-3-943638-94-3

Note: This book is written in German


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