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  • Gypsy Jazz Guitar-A Tribute to Gypsy Jazz
  • Introduction to the style of Jazzmanouche - Vol.1
  • By Bertino Rodmann
  • Gypsyjazz or Jazzmanouche is the first jazz style developed in Europe
  • His influences come from the French Musette Waltz, the Hungarian Çsardas or the Spanish Flamenco, as well as the Sinti music itself, which was interpreted by the Sinti musicians in swing phrasing
  • Django Reinhardt, the most famous protagonist of Gypsyjazz, led this jazz style with its inimitable guitar playing to worldwide recognition and influences countless guitarists to this day
  • Bertino Rodmann, a practicing gypsy jazz guitarist from Frankfurt, has taken on this task and is introducing Gypsyjazz Guitar as an attempt at an authentic introduction to the style of Jazzmanouche
  • Purpose of the book: In addition to the typical rhythmic and solo aspects of the gypsy jazz style of playing, it also conveys respect for this ancient tradition of the Sinti
  • With Play Along CD
  • In notation and tablature

Note: This book is written in German


  • Blues Clair (Django Reinhardt)
  • Blues en mineur (Reinhardt / Grapelli)
  • Douce Ambiance (Django Reinhardt)
  • Good Times (Bertino Rodmann)
  • Minor Swing (Reinhardt / Grapelli)
  • Swing 48 (Django Reinhardt)
  • Valse à Bertino (Bertino Rodmann)

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