Very high quality replacement.

I purchased this as the output jack on my mexican Fender P bass has started acting up, the usual popping and crackling when the jack isn't in the exact correct position (is it just me or is this a recurring theme with Fenders? I could have sworn I've already replaced the jack on this bass once!) I think this is a recurring pattern with all but the most expensive of guitars, jacks and pots are often the parts where manufacturers tend to cheap out. Fortunately replacing them doesn't cost the earth.

I haven't directly compared this socket to any of the competing brands, but Switchcraft are a well respected make and overall it seems a very high quality replacement. Everything fits together nice and tight, the jack plug clicks in nice and solid with no wiggling, and the connections for soldering the wires onto are a decent size with nice big eyelets, which makes what can be a bit of a fiddly job a bit less tricky.

Good price and the high quality of the jack make this great value for money. I'm sure (fingers crossed) that this should provide several years of trouble free operation! I should probably buy a few more just to have lying around as spares.