Nothing can touch it at this price!

I use it on Windows 10 PC with i7 processor and 8GB RAM. My DAW is Reaper.

The driver is rock-solid. I have another interface installed (old Focusrite Saffire Pro 40) and I keep switching between the two without a single glitch. It doesn't have the lowest latency and I think that it could be better in this regard, but still it is not bad.

The sofware mixer/router that comes with it is elegant and clear.

The hardware is robust and looks very nice, but I don't like the hollow sound when you press the buttons. A minor thing though.

Soundwise it is stellar. I've been using TC Electronic BMC-2 as my monitor controller / DA converter and loved it, but iD44 DA sounds better. It has a bit wider and deeper soundstage and the upper mids are clearer with much less smear if any. Very, very impressive at this price!

The headphone output is also very clean, but I'd like to see more power. It's still sufficiently loud for most jobs.

The preamps are the clean, hi-fi Audient pres. Nothing to dislike about them. I'll actually be happy doing location recording of acoustic performances with these preamps, although I have Neve preamps in my studio.

The monitoring features are great, but it would be nice to have a stored reference level which would be recalled with a push of the big knob (the push currently has no function).

Maybe this machine hasn't reached its full potential, yet, but it's already really good.