High quality and well equipped audio interface

I returned the new SSL 2+ interface which was high quality and very nice, but I realised I really needed 4 physical audio inputs. So the ID44 has that and much more. It has high quality 4 audio inputs with very high quality and clean preamps, but it also has an additional 20 digital channels on digital input and output. This is an awesome and futureproof card if my ambitions should extend. It has two independent headphone output with own volume pots, which is also something I needed for when I am recording with my wife. So I am running a pair of microphones into the first two channels, one of them is a condenser, so I am really happy the card has independent phantom power per each channel, and the other two channels I am running the output of my Octatrack (synths and loops)... Very high-quality product, high-quality audio, conversion etc. Also, the mixer app which comes with it is very nice, simple yet powerful. I am satisfied with this product.