Computer utilisation


Pro tools needs no introduction, Avid have been the first choice for audio production in a lot of time now!

Perpetual license is an amazing option, considering you only need to pay once to have the software working virtually forever!

If you plan to start a personal studio it's the perfect choice in my opinion and, if you decide to turn it in a profesisonal studio later, you can still swap to a subscription plan and even upgrade to pro tools ultimate!

You hav to watch out for prices: sometimes there is just a small difference between buying from avid directly or from thomann, but sometimes Thomann's offers are incredible!

I used some different software for studio recording along the years but I have to say that pro tools provide a work flow noone else can afford, making it extremely easy and fast to work with!

If you come from other daws it usually takes just few weeks to get used and take advantage of all the amazing features of this software!

Actually I really can't do without!