Bach ML19037 Bb- Trumpet lacquered

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Bb Trumpet

  • 50th Anniversary model
  • ML Bore: 11.66 mm (.459 ")
  • Bell Ø: 122.2 mm (4 13/16")
  • 37's Bell shape with longitudinal seam
  • One-piece, hand hammered brass bell with steel wire on the edge
  • Brass mouth piece #25
  • Two-piece valve casing made of nickel silver/ brass
  • Vintage finger hook
  • Thumb saddle on the first valve slide
  • Ring on the third valve slide
  • Wider shaped support
  • Monel valves
  • Anniversary engraving
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Incl. second set valve guides (brass and plastic), Bach 3C mouth piece and rectangular "Anniversary" wooden case

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