BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i

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Maximizer Signal ProcessorThe BBE Sonic Maximizer is actually already a classic, it is a studio effect, which is mostly used to "refresh" the stereo sum. This makes sense for live PA as well as studio applications.

Technically this is done by a kind of multi-band compression, in which the phase shifts of the different frequency ranges are adjusted so that extinctions that occur in speakers and hearing, are largely eliminated. The signal becomes more powerful, fresher and subjectively louder.Use the Process knob to adjust the height effect; The Lo-Contour knob adds tight bass. Simply put, you can imagine this as a (but very musical) loudness switch on the stereo system.

The device is addictive, and you should basically arrange it so that you can find the place where you can hear the effect clearly, and then simply screw down a bit - according to the principle: less is often more!

The 882i is the luxury model of the family. It works in dual mono mode; On the back are adjustable XLR inputs and outputs, which meet even the most professional requirements.

  • Sound enhancement
  • The Maximizer performs a phase correction between three frequency bands to compensate for phase and amplitude distortions in the loudspeaker, thus providing more clarity
  • Format: 19"/ 1U

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