Be careful!

It is a very good audio interface.I like to record with it, good quality sound and I love the direct monitoring without any latency. It is awsome that I can use XLR and 1/4 cable to connect instruments and microphones.

But be careful! With MAC you need no driver but with WINDOWS you do. You don't receive a CD with the driver so you have to download it from internet. The problem is that there is no driver for WINDOWS 7 64bits! Really Behringer?

If you contact them they will send you a link to download an uncertified beta driver that will be stopped by the OS because Windows 7 64 bits allow just certified driver to be installed.You can solve this problem by certifing it by yourself but this process its not for everyone.It took me a while to get it done.So Windows 7 64bits users be careful to this.This is the only con, but its a big one.

Concerning other things I like everything about it.I like the fact that I can use it instead of an amplifier for my guitars and then connect headphones or an audio sistem.


There is now official driver for Windows 7 to Windows 10 available at