Not using all the features, but it's a great DAC for the price!

I was using a 20 year old Roland USB audio interface until I burned it up after moving to another country with different voltage and didn't realize the wall PSU was not universal voltage.

I wanted to replace it with a similar device. Most of the time the use is just as a DAC which takes input over USB from a Linux box and the analog out goes to a mini stereo system. I was using the recording features on the Roland but I have not tested the Behringer yet.

I was pleased to find not only does the UMC202HD run my Sennheiser HD 25s perfectly well but even the HD 600s sound good via the headphone jack. I think it is surely the best DAC you can buy for 64 Euros...

It runs off USB and even supplies phantom power if you need it. Quite an amazing device. The audio over the headamp is not perfect, it's a little thin, but it is very clear, clean, absolutely without any noise. You will not be able to turn the volume past 50% without the HD 600s becoming uncomfortably loud.

I'd like to see a power button on the front panel and for recording some kind of useful level metering is absent but seems pretty important. However given the tiny size I don't see there is room for it. Personally I wouldn't mind a larger enclosure to get the metering.

Summary: deal of the century on a 192 KHz DAC.