Easy Setup. Solid Build

This is my first audio interface. Using it in conjuction with Bandlab for some band projects during lockdown. First off, excellent service from Thomann, well package item and arrived in good time. My first order with them as well.

The setup of this is really easy. Basically for the Windows setup go to the Behringer site and find the latest drivers. Download, unzip and run the setup file. Then plug it in and away you go. Two inputs on this so I can plug my bass and a mic in. Level input is easy, just make sure the clipping light isnt flashing. Best to play throught whatever your planning to record and set the gain for each input. Easy enough. The direct monitoring is great and works at the press of a button.

Only issue I've had is some latency with Bandlab. There is a way of doing a latency test on that to change this but I managed to get round it by fiddling with the sound control panel setting.

Build quality of this unit is really solid. Metal case all round and the controls are smooth and easy to use. Excellent value for money.