I bought this interface in order to help our singer who is very non-technical to be able to record her songs using a mic, guitar and a keyboard.

Preamps sound very decent using a microphone or an highZ instrument. They also accept line level signals.

This interface is an excellent value for money. It operates on all realistic samplerates. Drivers are solid on PC and you don?t even need to install any drivers on Mac.

There?s no control software/app for monitoring and routing, you can only adjust the analog no latency input monitoring vs daw monitoring. But this makes everything simpler for people who are not into technical side of recording.

One downside of this is, in analog monitoring mode, there is no option to pan the signal - the left input is routed left and right is routed right - which may sound strange when you want to monitor analog ipout signal.

At this price, there?s nothing to complain, Just a great interface at great value.