A good tool for little money

Arrived quickly. The look and quality of the assembly are solid. Connection is easy. I don't remember if the Win 10 drivers were included, but I downloaded them myself from the Behringer website.

I've been using it daily for six months now. So far there have been no problems. Once or twice I have heard a slight buzz from PA, but when I move the USB cable, the buzz disappears. (I use a ca. 10+ year old USB cable that came with my printer to connect to my computer, hasn't remembered buying a new from store.)

I use this device daily to send music from my computer to home PA. I've recorded some song phonos with Audacity, playing keyboards, guitar and bass in separate rows at the back of my home office. Everything has been perfect. Latency not perceptible when recording.

I have used it for playing sound design of theater performances, also worked good.

Recommend. Affordable, easily connects to your computer and does what it is designed for.