Very good for price but not blown away

I hesitated when buying this interface for a very long time. It was a toss up between the Steinberg UR44 and the Behringer UMC404HD. Both have the same sampling rate and bit depth options (which I wanted as a choice for mastering work in case a client sent in a 192kHz/24bit mix).

I choose the Behringer in the end because of a large number of reviews I read online and the price-tag. The reviews all boasted that it was just as good as interfaces that we're twice the price and more. That the preamps were top quality, etc, etc.

To my surprise I think that while this is a ridiculously good product for the price, its not as good as people are saying. Basically it comes down to little things that bothered me but may not annoy another user. For instance there was no driver/software for Macs so all I/O has to configured either inside your DAW or through Apple's own audio settings. Thats fine but I feel like you're potentially limited to the settings of the DAW you would be using regardless of the interfaces features.

Another little pedantic (i understand a lot of my issues with this interface are pedantic) problem I had with this interface was the how flimsy and light the product feels. Particularly the XLR/TRS inputs on the front.

However, saying all that, the sound is great! the preamps are really transparent and with the 24bit depth the noise floor is barely heard.

Also the AD/DA converter chip in the interface (which I found it very hard to find information on before buying) is really clean and I've yet to hear an artifact added to the sound.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the product and its ticking all the boxes...I just wish it was a bit more versatile on the software end of things and a bit more durable feeling (however saying that I've had not issues with durability yet, it just feels flimsy).