Absolutely gorgeous ...

I am a musician, but I preferred the product for listening purposes only and not for studio use.

I researched the product a lot to make the right decision and decided to buy it. I'm extremely happy now.

It performs perfectly in every type of music, including classical music, Blues, Jazz, Rock and local music.


Low tones are really tight and clear. There is no mud, it extremely clean. Own stays in its place and does not overshadow other sounds.

High tones are extremely clear and crystal quality.

Mid tones are of sufficient size definitely.

It has a wide stereo image and stage structure.

Now I can hear some sounds I had never heard before.


Headphone fits comfortably on your head, does not cause sweating thanks to soft velvet pillows and does not wring your ears.

So you can use it during long hours.

Build quality:

Thanks to its closed structure and good insulation, it significantly prevents external sounds and allows you to concentrate on music.

Good materials have been used and has a sturdy structure.

I haven't tried the 250 Ohm model, I don't know but I tried it on the 80 ohm model and I realized that I don't need an amplifier. A mediocre laptop did its job well and fed my ears enough when the necessary equalizer settings were made.

It is also highly suitable for use with the phone.

I do not prefer very loud sounds. If the earphone is damaged, I get a new one. But my ears should always use them well with me and I must always protect.

I sincerely recommend this product.

Thanks to Beyerdynamic for this beautiful product.

Thomann, Thank you very much for the affordable price and smooth shipping. (Product successfully sent to Turkey.)