Good Headphone for many applications


as I was looking for an allround headphone, I thought as a student, it would be the best to spend my money for one good headphone, rather than to buy a few ones for different occasions. I checked different headphones and reviews and in the end bought the Beyerdynamic. To make it short, it was the right choice and I'm using them for about 1 1/2 year now.

My thought about what field of application the headphone would be used, were the following. I wanted the opportunity to practise in private if I want (E-Bass and E-Guitar), listen and/or record musik, and also to have the opportunity to use it, when I want to watch a movie on my Laptop. That was also the reason why I bought the 80 Ohms version. In the end, I'm not really watching much movies, so I can't really tell you how they work with that. I used them once with my smartphone (at home), wouldn't really take them out, as the sound of most sound processors in these things are, apart from modern music loudness war, not really good enough. But the Headphones really did make a good jog. As I bought the 80 Ohms version, volume wasn't an issue, so if you want to take a very good studio headphone out on your walk, it might be working ;) .

But for listening, recording and practising, they are really nice headphones with a good sound delivery from high to lows. You really need to like it, to have closed headphones, but I'm very happy with my choice, to have bought them.

I also find them very comfortably to wear over a longer period. Yes, at certain points your ears can get a bit warm, bit if you find it to much, stand up, get yourself a new coffee or take a breath of fresh air to reboot your system ;) .