Nice headphones, the best ones in the price range

I use the headphones mainly for music production at my home studio and sometimes while traveling. The headphones are really nice, the quality is really good they have a nice low end that has no kind of conflict with the other frequencies which is a common problem with some other headphones that are in the same price range, this is really nice at the moment of mixing or mastering a song. However, I noticed that when I use the headphones with a smartphone the mid frequencies might get a little bit dulled.

The comfort of the headphones is from the best ones I've ever tried, you might use them for hours and hours and you will not notice that you are even wearing them (I really loved the way Beyerdynamic designed this article). Talking about the design of the headphones I can say that I did not like the long cable and that they are not designed for being portable (because I also use them for traveling as I mentioned, and this problem might be annoying), however, if you will just use them in the studio this might not be a problem for you. Despite those little problems, the headphones are in general really good for their price (I could say they are the best ones in this price range). I would highly recommend buying these ones, nevertheless you can add some money to your budget and get something better, but at the end who decides if buying or not this product are you, I hope this feedback text help you to take the best decision for you.