Does what it claims .

Ive tried few other battery powered amps for acoustic guitar & vocals that just did not do the job at all least not for the vocal side of things anyway.

The S1 Pro however sounds great, top quality sounds for guitar & voice, it really is a little PA & does that Bose thing where the sound seems to travel everywhere.

I use this for vocals & acoustic guitar at wedding ceremonies & cocktail receptions & the sound floats around just perfectly, even with it just sat at the side of me on the floor.

Yes ... its a little expensive & then extra for the battery but in my opinion... worth every penny ..amp in one hand, guitar in the other, now thats what i call a load in !

it would be good if a decent sized case or bag that could fit a few cables / mic & the S1 was available ...a cajon case might be the answer for me.