Bose S1 Pro in Killer combination!

Few years ago I have bought Bose L1 Model II/B2 bundle set. I was scared if it was good decision but in the end I was very delighted with it. It is great PA if you don't ask too much of it. After a year I started to think about some kind of additional loudspeakers… some kind of support to L1. Just to have on the other side something to fill the space. So, I have bought 2 pcs of QSC K8.2. Great little giants with so much power and clean and warm sound for various needs.

And then I had some issues with one QSC K8.2 (another one was OK) and I replace it with Bose S1 Pro. I read lot about that speaker, and comments were divers, but after some time, I had them both, and that was best way to see what each can do or to see which one is better. What I have found!

Here it is:

Bose S1 Pro is far more practical to use in many situations. It has better sound. It's more natural, warmer, pleasant… Reverb for mike and guitar, bluetooth, etc..

QSC K8.2 is more powerfull, in some situations very strong and enough to make very loud music. And!!!

And the greatest combination is to have ALL the three of them. If I have gig in a small venue I carry just Bose S1 Pro. If there's more people, I take QSC K8.2 and set it to work with S1. If the gig is more demanding, I use all of them. Bose L1 behind me on right side, QSC K8.2 on the left side, and Bose S1 Pro in front like a monitor. And that's it!

I shall never replaced any of these 3 PA speakers. With them I simply have solution for every gig. Even battery in S1 Pro is very useful in some occasions.