Bosworth Notenchecker Ukulele - Akkorde

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Note Aid

  • Can go anywhere and is always with you
  • The Notenchecker is for ukulele chords in the standard tuning GCEA
  • A small fan (dimensions approximately 8.5 x 3 x 2.5 cm) with 70 double-printed sheets on which different chords are displayed or explained on the front & back of each sheet
  • The chords are depicted on a fretboard section of 4 frets
  • On the front you start with the keynote C up to the F
  • On the reverse side from F# to B (H)
  • The chord types shown are Major, Minor, Major6, Minor6, Dominant7, Major7, Minor, Minor7, Diminished (Dim), Sus4, Dominant7/9 and Minor7/9
  • In German language

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