This makes the flow super fast and let you dial different chains on the fly at a touch of a button, something that would have been impossible with normal patchbay. I use all my external gear much more with this thing.

I will consider another one in the future just to connect external fx processors and dial them in the order i want and the ones i want.

Imagine a tape delay followed by a a second tape delay with different settings followed by a try again but with inverted direction by just pressing a button.

And btw you can send your processors to parallel processing.

Just amazing.

The older version i think was looking better but this one looks great.

Buttons do not feel that nice.

The worse of all....The power button is on the back.What where you thinking when u did that?

You have to take that into consideration when placing the rack.

Sounds is very neutral.

There some pops/clicks when you engage the buttons.

Overall recommended.