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Mono CompressorLike its predecessors 160X and 160XT, the 160AD has only three controls, a few switches and a very accurate level display. The operation is therefore simple, the results and the sound simply ingenious. For singers and especially for bass players, the 160AD is no longer out of the rack. The high dynamic range allows both +4 dB and +10 dB, balanced and unbalanced input levels. The inputs are balanced as XLR, as well as as a stereo connector. The outputs are available as XLR (balanced) or jack (unbalanced).

The Threshold determines the level from which the 160AD operates. The transition from uncompressed to compressed signal can be done with classic hard-knee or with the well-known OverEasy® circuit from dbx. The attack and release times are set automatically depending on the program. The compression ratio can be adjusted from 1: 1 (no compression) over ¥: 1 (limiter) to -1: 1 (negative compression = signal attenuation).

The generous LED chain (19 LEDs) can be switched between input and output levels. 12 LEDs are available for gain reduction. A detector input, in conjunction with an EQ, allows frequency-selective compression (e.g. de-eater).

For processing stereo signals, the 160AD can be connected to a second cable via a link cable. The stereo coupling is performed by True-RMS-Power Summing ™, which guarantees reliable, yet "musical" interference with the signal.

  • OverEasy or Hard Knee compression methods
  • Compression rates of 1: 1 over infinity: 1 to negative
  • More than 60 dB attenuation possible
  • Infinity + function for negative compression
  • Classic dbx "car" mode for attack and release
  • Over-Easy® circuit
  • Generous IN / OUT and gain reduction displays
  • Unbalanced and balanced outputs
  • Stereo coupling via link connection to other device
  • Optional with output transformers
  • Sym. XLR and unbalanced 6.3 mm jack
  • Input / output monitoring
  • Format: 19 ", 1U

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