You should try this one!

I?ve been investing infinite sustain at low volumes for over two decades now and I?m positive that this box is a wonder. Even when I distrust that this kind of thing could produce something organic and natural, that fear proven to be very wrong. I expected some refinement from the old Boss feedbacker/Distortion and ended up with something more close to a Fernandes Sustainer. If you manage to apply this tastefully, this might be the most interesting tool that I?ve found in many many years. Even when our choice of pickups and amp will affect the outcome (remember that this is not a mechanical device, so it depends on the vibration of the strings of your instrument to operate, not adding to that vibration -say like a Sustainer-), is not possible to say that the sound you?ll hear is bluntly artificial. Even when it moves a tad aloof from natural sounding, if that happens, it still sounds VERY musical. It even passed the tough test of playing clean with flying colors! If you are into infinite sustain (in a home studio environment in particular) this IS the effect to get! Flexibility of features is impressive (surpassing the Sustainer, the Sustainiac and everything else I own) and bulding quality is parallel to the best of stomp pedals (well, exception made by the traditional Boss). I could not be happier with this. Just get one as soon as you can!!!