Best effect I've bought yet!

Unbelievable. As soon as I first discovered this pedal I knew I had to have it. Pete Thorn once said this pedal was made for soloing and he was right, it's a joy to use while tearing out a solo, be it chaotic or melodic, or both simultaneously.

If you're looking for an E-Bow type effect, where you can achieve infinite sustain while retaining a fantastic tone, look no further than this. Placed before distortion, it will provide a very ethereal tone, almost like a theremin; placed after distortion, it's as if you're stood in front of a Marshall stack with the gain on full, wailing banshee trapped inside your cab. It is mind blowing. Your solos will never be the same after using this.

Being able to select different harmonics is a brilliant feature. Personally so far, I'm not quite a fan of the Sub harmonic but it's good to know its there if I need it. Being able to toggle between latching and momentary mode on the fly is very convenient, but the real winner for me is the dry kill switch, leaving nothing but said ethereal wet tone. It's perfect for creating ambient pieces or textures.

I can't find an overall fault, but one little thing bugs me. I'm not sure if it's me, my amp or my setup but I found it doesn't work through an FX loop and has to be placed in front of the amp instead. Other than that, I cannot fault it at all.

Kudos Digitech, first the Whammy DT, now the FreqOut. Keep churning out the crazy element in these pedals, we need more!