Freqing freqed freakout!!!

Before it was just neighbors getting freqed out, but now thankfully it's just me. The feedback is worthy of the 5* feedback I am giving it.

There is this clever little knob that dictates the feedback range. It actually is a knob (Onset) within a knob (Gain). I have never seen a knob quite like it. They both rotate independently. There is a control below it (labeled Type) to select the type of feedback you desire for more harmonic stuff. This has got to be some niche variable pot if I have ever seen one.

Technical advice time...

Pedal placement is very important, place it first.

F I R S T ! ! !

Pickups make a difference too. I get more feedback from my P90 than my single coil.

It's True Bypass, I know this because I have tested it with other pedals that rely on an unaltered signal path from the pickups.