It's a very well made pedal that can be used in so many ways. I tested various settings and was enough to make me happy:

1 - The dry signal turns off the guitar sound and keeps the feedback on, it sounds like a theremin, which gave me plenty of ideas. although i recommend a loud guitar signal before going to the pedal to get more sustain or else the feedback would die off.

2 - I played rhythm guitar with the 2nd type setting, dry signal off, and gain at 8 o'clock, and sounded like there is a voice that is singing along with the guitar. it's very inspirational.


- The feedback is as close as you can get, it feels more like a Fernandes sustainer than an Ebow

- true bypass

- option to change harmonics


- Be careful on cranking the gain knob when playing on the high notes, it can deliver a loud high pitched shriek even at low volumes.

it's a good pedal that i'll definitely keep in my collection. I recommend anybody to try this pedal and give their own opinion about it.

And thanks to Digitech for making this wonderful pedal.