The best to, close to the real thing! With a touch of ' more ' in it!

Yes, it does it!

Controlled, selected and as you wish it feedback!

Is it the real thing? Not exactly! But truly, with some bit of tweaking you'll be amazed by this pedal!

Because, it is a one of a kind special effect that has its place among the wild and unusual worth talking about. And mainly playing with!

I'd say, I knew what I was going for, even before buying it and trying it!

And it is up to my expectation and already, after a short time use, a notch above.

So, are we talking feed-backing as the ones you can achieve 'naturally'? No, but choosing frequencies is an awesome addition to it and being able to include this with the other effects seems to be alike you get a new set of similar pedals , each of them giving in conjunction a special feel that they wouln't, even if played on together without the FreqOut.

The pedal is build to last. The knobs are not in metal, so, it is not indestructible. But I never destroyed a pedal, so I'd say: 'don't worry about this!'

The size of the pedal is quite compact and I expected it bigger. So, for big footed people, to find that switch and stomp on it without touching the control knobs may be a bit tricky But as with everything, practice makes perfect. And since the knobs are small, you have a lot of changes happening by moving them ever slightly. Small knobs may be a bit difficult for bigger fingers but definitely not as bad as some mini effects with those micro controls.

I am also delighted to be able to use the effect in 100% wet , you can play with it in a way that reminds me of playing with an e-bow.

Quite nice indeed, as the there is no need for that cumbersome item that I have not enjoyed using in the past. Especially that you can pick strings, not like an e-bow, which is difficult to use at playing many strings with.

It would be a very fine touch to add to your extra guitar tracks in recordings.

To be able to see the development of the feed-back with the LED feedback indicator is truly a much appreciated addition that will help and support the way you select the range (gain, onset) which, when playing, gives you a visual lead clue on the way it responds. As if, a visual metronome.

Without it, I'd say, it would have been a great miss.


Will you feel good with this addition to your gear?

YES! I recommend it! And wish you a lot of fun, for an affordable very special pedal.

I have used it with some other instruments and could imagine adding it to my synths too.

Little detail! No battery use possible with it! But, it is nowadays more common with new tech.