Great for a new pedal of this kind

I always wanted a sustainiac system on my guitar, but I'm kinda worried about drilling additional holes before I have a spare one.

I know that this kind of technology for pedals is still under development and improvements are yet to come, but I decided to go for this one since the price is OK.

The sound is very good for an artificial sustain, all types of sustain sound great on this one. The pedal offers many possibilities, thumbs up for Digitech for all the controls that this pedal has. The led indicators are also very helpful and well designed.

The only cons is the lenght of the sustain (again, a legit issue since it is not a real sustain pickup). If you use it in solos it works very well, but if you're more into very long sustain parts, something similar like bands Type O Negative and Anathema use for example, don't expect an infinite sustain. I just did a test and the sustain usually drops after 7 sec (and it drops suddenly, it doesn't fade). Sometimes I managed to hold it for 11 sec and that was the maximum.

Like I said before, I expect that this will probably be improved in the future versions.