Not quite realistic, but that can be a good thing

I'm a home music producer working in a variety of styles. I have, in the past, had setups where I could record with real acoustic feedback but it can be hard to get exactly what you want. The FreqOut can get very close to sounding realistic and with a lot more control.

The unit feels like a quality piece of equipment, even though it has a folded metal construction rather than diecast. The control are small but smooth and work well, giving a reasonable range of control. I would have liked, perhaps a 4th harmonic and maybe a "Natural Wide-Range" setting but that's a bit picky.

The sound can be a bit "fluty" through a clean channel but feedback is usually for higher-gain situations where the distortion in the channel gives it a more natural tone. I have also used it for ambient guitar work and it works surprisingly well. It seems to handle chords by selecting one note to feedback. This is more like real feedback but I sometimes wish it could be used to sustain a chord the way it can a single note. Again I'm being incredibly picky here.

My perfect version of this would be a bit bigger with bigger controls for live use, more harmonic options including a bit less predictability and maybe a chord sustain mode (though that is a different pedal function.

As it is I find it useful and, with a bit of care, near enough to realistic not to sound wrong