Very good at what it does

Background: I used to have a Jackson DK2S with the Sustainiac system and I was enjoying that very much. At some point I had to sell the guitar as it wasn't versatile enough but I always craved for a system that would replicate the Sustainiac's functionality. I have never used an ebow by the way.

Naturally, i was quite surprised and curious when i saw the FreqOut, so after reading the glowing reviews I went ahead and got it.

The build quality is really nice and it looks nothing like the older digitech pedals I had come across - thumbs up digitech!

Regarding the sound, which is what is important, I would say it is a very decent choice for a few things. There are a few shortcomings, like the inability to feedback on anything other than single notes (this is where you could go crazy with the sustainiac) and on some occasions, depending on the base sound, the feedback sound is not totally convincing. But overall, it is a step in the right direction for pedal-generated feedback and a very creative tool in the right hands and conditions.

Verdict: what it can do, it does it very convincingly but it cannot do everything. Approved