Great pedal for a great price

The Freqout is a great pedal that gives you the feedback that you get from a cranked AMP when you get your pickups too close to the speaker, without needing to go to war with the neighbors and without destroying your ears.

You can use it for long sustain and even like an Ebow.

It's great for an ambient sound and for some deep feel solos.

The pedal is easy to use and should go to the frond of your effects chain, I use it to enhance drones with my Fuzz and Reverb.

The controls are very simple and it's easy to figure everything out right out of the box.

-The "Momentary" switch, controls what the mail bypass switch does, switching from a simple push and play to sort of an expression pedal.

-The "Dry" switches the dry signal of your instrument on and off, meaning you can switch it off and get only the feedback, this in my opinion is the most fun feature of the Freqout as it makes for some great experimentation with different pedals.

-The range knob controls the onset of the feedback and the overall gain.

-The Type knob controls the type of feedback you can get from the pedal, from a sub octave, 1st to 5th, and a natural high and low sounds.

This pedal is actual true bypass, as opposed to older Digitech products and it sounds great. It's also, like older Digitech producs, built like a tank and looks like it will serve you for years to come.

The only issue that I found with the pedal is when you switch it to momentary mode, it seems like the pedal squashes the sound a little bit and brings the volume down slightly.