This mult unit is very cheap but you might need more

One thing to note firstly is that despite a lot of what you might read in product information on this and other sites the design of this module has changed slightly. When it is shipped from the factory the middle solder bridge between the two groups of four sockets is not joined, so it is now shipped as standard functioning as two groups of four interconnected jack sockets. If you require an eight-way mult you simply have to join the two groups together at the back of the panel. Just a line of solder will do the job. There's not much to say about this unit, other than the build quality is great - as you would expect from Doepfer - and the unit is competitively priced. I don't see any reason to pay more for equivalent modules from other manufacturers, in which case you would simply be paying for the name. One thing I will point out: if you plan to use this module to multiply CV input to drive oscillators then spend a bit more and get the buffered mult unit A-180-3. This will ensure that voltage is consistent on all outputs, meaning that your oscillators will be easier to get in tune with each other and will track correctly.