DW Exotic Natural to Regal Blue

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  • Collector's Exotic Series
  • Shell material: 100% North American maple
  • Nickel plated shell hardware
  • True Hoop Strap
  • True Pitch 50 Tightening Screws
  • STM Suspension Mounting System
  • Soft, warm, balanced resonance with clear and always controlled stick stop
  • All shells are assembled in the "timbre matched" procedure. (Each shell is analysed for its specific basic tone, and then the kettles are combined into a tonally tuned set.)
  • Colour: Natural to shelf Blue Fade over Quilted Maple

Shell kit consisting of:

  • 22 "x 18" Bass Drum (VLX)
  • 10 "x 08" Tom Tom (VLT)
  • 12 "x 09" Tom Tom (VLT)
  • 16 "x 14" Stand Tom (VLX)

Delivery without tripods and other hardware



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