A must have for experimental guitarists

If you like to create interesting textures, bed of sounds and adding something different to your songs, get an Ebow. It's probably not the kind of thing you'll build a song around but it will add a whole new layer of interesting textures to your music, especially if you're thinking of recording.

It works really well with delay, not so much with distortion/OD as the eBow itself adds some degree of overdrive. You might find it hard to figure out at the beginning but once you do, it's really easy to use.

I have found it works best on the G string and not so well on the high E. You can get some really dark, droning sounds from the low strings if you add some distortion.

It's only real downside is its fragility. It's basically a very light bit of fused plastic you hold in your hand. If you drop it, it could easily break in two pieces. The switch is also very weak so you want to be careful about putting it in your pocket or somewhere where it might get friction.