E-bow Plus


Fits the hand fine. It can be a bit finicky at first to line up the target string, and the oursides can cause string noise when putting on the surrounding strings. Some rubber at these points would have been great to reduce the surrounding string noise.


It has a standard and a harmonics mode. Thats it. It is a product designed to do one thing, so there is not too much one can expect from such a unit.


Personally, I love the ebow sound. It can sound beautiful on guitar and as an effect for songs. You can get that "Whale noise" sound with this. I am biased as I love ebow sounds and this does not disappoint. Its particularly effective as a background effect. as long as everything in your guitar chain sounds good, it is hard to make this sound bad.


This is definitely this units achilles heel (weak point). It feels cheap. VERY cheap. Like "dro this on a hard surface and it will break instantly" cheap. It is essentially a magnet connected to a 9v battery in a cheap plastic case. Every effort has been made to keep the build costs at a minimum and it shows. At e88 a unit, it is very expensive for what it is, but very effective at what it does (if that makes sense). If there is another type of unit out there that could get the sound the ebow gets then I would likely skip this unit in favour of the other one. I presume that the lack of competition is due to a licensing patent owned by these ebow makers. Its a pity, as it allows them to put out a VERY poorly made and cheap feeling device for an exorbitant cost. I know plenty of ebow users whos battery case door no longer closes naturally, caused by general use over time.

Be very careful when using one.


This is a tough unit to recommend. I love the sound it makes, it is beautiful, but its build quality is so poor that it makes it hard to recommend. It has an almost instant "I paid e88 for THIS?! WTF!" kind of reaction out of the box. Its pretty much the only unit that I know of that can get the sound it gets, so if you want that sound this is the only option you have.

Buy only if you really need or want this its pretty much your only option. Just be CAREFUL with it :)