It came with

The E-Bow that thomman sent me, had a problem.. the cables that connect the 9v battery have short lenght, and the battery almost doesn't connect to the pins.. It's a big problem.. and the company should really be aware of this. I just didn't return the device because I don't have time to make the return.... But it's ok.. it works, besides this problem.. I'm just afraid it doesn't last long because the cables are in lot of pressure always (they're really bend so that the battery can fit).

Beside that situation, the sounds you can get from this are very good. It's very easy to handle. This is a tool to be used only sometimes.. I don't see myself using this often.. it's very specific.

I would say, in my experience, it's not worth it for this price.. the finish is terrible.. it lookes like it's going to break if it you let it fall to the ground.. it's a weak plastic. And because of the battery problem, I don't feel it is a fair price.