Creative tool for writing

The E-bow is a piece I've thought about buying for years but never got round to it. For the price, it is a little expensive, but I'd still say pick it up, look after it and you shouldn't ever have to buy another.


The E-bow is a really creative and fun effect. It's really nice to help flesh out ideas for songs, or just add a little something to an almost finished track to help add some ambience. Seriously work the money in that regard. It sounds really cool on Bass and Acoustic guitar too, something I didn't know about when I was buying.


For the money, it could perhaps be a built out of something other than plastic. That said, its a very durable plastic and so long as you don't plan on throwing it out of a moving car or stepping on it, it won't be breaking any time soon on you.


If you're thinking about getting one, just get it and you'll have it to help you out of any creative blocks you'll ever find yourself in through the years.