Sustained experimentation

This litle piece of gear is worth the price only if you are ready to spend some time developing its playing technique... It's for serious experimentacion. If you are just curios don't buy it: You'll have some fun but you'll pay a bit too much for the laugh. I'll tell you a secret: In my case, without pitch shifters involved in the job, I would not dare to use this gadget. I've just envisioned my harmonium-like-kind-of-guitar sound and I'm using it for sonic curtains in my songs. Feel free to patent the idea if you like it 'cause I did not copyryght it.

This new model of E-bow has two diferent playing modes. The new one is good to feedback with ease. Very cool, really. In this version of the engine a blue light helps you to keep in course with the vibrating string. Cool, too.

If only this peace of plastic could be more solid made, have more features and be cheaper, it could become an every guitar players tool.