Great addition to your equipment collection.

This piece of equipment makes an interesting change from your standard picked electric guitar sound. It takes a little bit of practise to get the hang of using it so you can get a note to sound clear, but once you do it really pays off.

The device has 2 settings.

The first setting causes the string you hover over to resonate and produces a sustained tone of whatever note you are fretting. The sound is similar to that of a violin or other bowed instrument. You can fret the string and change note and the emitted tone will never stop until you move the E-bow away from your guitar.

The second setting resonates the string to produce a harmonic relative to the fretted note, which can produce some interesting results when playing a song you're already familiar with.

The use of the E-bow is limited however, as there are not a lot of songs that feature it. However, it is great fun to experiment with, as well as being an interesting way of freshening up your sound if you find yourself uninspired.