My choice from now on.

I never got the whole thing with Elixir strings before, so I decided to give them a go.

Even though the price tag may seem a lil high at first glance, it's well worth every cent.

Usually, guitar strings would lose their shine from the first few days of playing, and the tone followed closely after. With these strings, I can go for months without losing playability OR tone ! I was pleasantly surprised to see that they didn't lack in any aspect after one month of intense playing! I'm never going back to other strings again (maybe just to try a few, but that's it). Elixir's the way to go.

And even though they're not too heavy (I've had 12-60 once), they do keep their tightness in very low tunings (I like to keep my guitar in C standard and sometimes go to drop A#, and they still don't get flabby).

I'd say that everyone should try Elixir strings at least once in their lifetime, they've been a real gamechanger for me and I'd recommend them to anyone!