Brilliant strings for down tuned rock.

I have been using light gauge (10-46) Elixir strings on my Strat and Les Paul and 12 gauge bronze for acoustics for quite a while now and love them, I wouldn't use anything else. Having acquired a rock style guitar (Godin Freeway) that I really didn't really have much use for I decided to experiment by putting heavy strings on and tuning down to D. What a sound!!! It sounds amazing! I'm not really a big metal fan (and it's not really an out and out metal guitar) but I can hear (and feel) that these strings would be absolutely amazing for anyone who would want to play low tuned metal or rock without buying a 7 string or baritone guitar. I use it for heavy blues based stuff ( think Gibbons,Bonamassa, Haynes). They make a pretty ordinary sounding guitar sound massive. Like all Elixir strings they seem to last forever. Highly recommended.