Metal Standard

What can you say about the EMG 81 that hasn't been written before, in truth not much. The EMG 81 is the standard metal pick up that all other metal pick ups are measured against and in all fairness they fail to match up the 81.

While the cleans are not the best, the distorted tone is fantastic for all types of metal. Ive used the EMG 81 in various guitars, Jackson's, PRS SE's and Ibanez and I have never failed to get a killer tone out of them.

My current Amp is a H&K Tubemeister 18 Head and with a EMG 81 equipped guitar I can get a real great crunch tone with no hum, which is the bonus of an internal pre amp in the 81.

There is a reason the 81 is on some of the classic metal albums of all time and the user list for the 81 is so long, this pick up slays end of story.

The quick connect system is a really good system but make sure you have space in your control cavities for the 9v Battery. You may find that abit of drilling may be required to get the thick cable down to the new jack socket, I've only found this on Ibanez guitars so far.

The quick connect system is also usable for SD Blackouts, so if your are someone who likes swapping pups there is another reason to get an 81.

Pairs well with an 85 or the 60 in the neck position.