Great metal pickup

It's an EMG 81, the pickup that's been synonymous with metal since the 80's. Tight, focussed and cutting, this pickup tracks faster than any other I've ever used. Even when used with extremely high amounts of gain, OD pedals etc, the pickup stays tight and defined. This pickup does tend to sound very similar in all guitars, regardless of their wood/neck joint types etc, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I would not use this pickup to play clean tones, all the qualities which make it excellent for metal (tight/cutting) ensure it isn't suited to that. I think this pickup works nicely in the bridge position, but prefer to use something else for clean tones in the neck (eg EMG 60). I've used these active EMG's for years and never had an issue with them, other than requiring the odd battery change. The solderless connection system also ensures a simple installation, it's nice not to have to use a soldering iron to install these.