Good for heavy tone

Installed this one on my PRS McCarty Corina. There were McCarty Bass and McCarty Treble pickups installed before and they sounded realy good except there was not enough output for playing metal. With EMG 81/85 set everything fell into place. Especially when using gain-sensitive devices like Fracral Audio Axe FX or vst plugins.

I used EMG pickups previously on other guitars and the primary thing I would say about them is predictability of sound you get. Though this might be an advantage or disadvantage for one. Also clean tone suffers a bit comparing to passive pickups but I have abandoned the idea of having ideal metal and jazz tones in one particular guitar.

Soldering-free set is a great option. Installation was fast and easy even for such a low experienced user like me. The manual instructions leave no questions. It would be great if other manufactures also used it as a standard.