Frap Tools USTA

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Frap Tools USTA; Eurorack module; 4-track Stepsequencer; each track provides 2 control voltages and 2 gates; independently adjustable time ratio/duration for each step in relation to the main clock; CV signals can be played raw or quantized to a scale; Microtuning available per track; step-editing via 16 encoder with LED-rings; Glide, Legato and Ratcheting per step; freely definable pattern-chains and -loops; Song Mode; recording of notes via external keyboard/CV input; 2x CV output and 2x Gate output per track; 2 CV inputs for parameter modulation; 2 Gate inputs; power consumption: 260mA (+12V) / 50mA (-12V); width: 36 HP; depth: 38mm


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