GF Ligature MX-03M Gold

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  • Maxima Gold Line
  • For B-Clarinet German mouthpiece
  • It is the perfect fit for any type of mouthpieces: Zinner, Vandoren, Zinner Plexi and Glass, Yamaha, Viotto, Schwenk & Seggelke, Dietz, Willscher, ESM, Leitner & Kraus, Wurlitzer, Pomarico Glass, Vandoren M30
  • For C-Clarinet German mouthpiece, Schreiber, Wurlitzer and Zinner
  • Optimal fit and free swinging behaviour
  • Including 6 oscillating rollers - this allows for the individual extension of the GF Maxima band by 12.5 mm, so that the correct tracking distance can be adjusted for each mouthpiece
  • Double play: vertical pressure of the reed by means of a stainless steel pressure plate or pressure by the GF system tape. The printed thread cross facilitates both the setting up of the reed and the symmetrical seat of the ligature
  • Including Mouthpiece capsule, a watchmaker screwdriver for changing the oscillating rollers, Safety stickers for sticking on the mouthpiece back (4 units), foam rubber glue sticks for sticking into the capsule (4 units)

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